tatiana cordero
tatiana cordero

In memory of

Tatiana Cordero

Woman of the mountain, ancestor of the sea, guardian of fire. Thank you for caring for the root and embodying the politics of centering care.

This space is a tribute to Tatiana Cordero Velázquez, our friend, teacher, and sister. It is an offering to her life, her teachings, her way of building and of dancing the revolution. It is a way of accompanying us daily with her energy, her serene voice, her embrace, and her love, and to inspire us with the memory of her legacy.

“My political position is based on lesbian feminism”, she stated with her deep tone of voice. This position led her to commit herself to building with other women in diverse areas of research, communication, activism, and to strengthening movements rooted in the South, our ancestors, native peoples and their medicines, and the intangible knowledge of communities. Her actions inspired the paths of the organizations with which she worked and collaborated and left a mark on the worlds that many of us inhabit.

We dedicate this heartfelt digital space to her family, friends, colleagues, teachers, witches, ancestors, and above all, to young activists, whom Tatiana always recognized as a source of wisdom and leadership. Here, you can find some of the messages of sympathy and solidarity that were sent after her departure, and some anecdotes that today are a testimony to the love with which she inhabited this world. These fragments serve as a reminder of all that she contributed to feminist movements.

We invite you to explore this microsite, built  with love to  remember her legacy, and to keep contributing to the construction of this living offering with which we will honor her memory.

Thank you, Tatiana, for insisting on putting care at the center of our work and our lives, for accompanying us, for showing us how to embrace uncertainty, for recognizing and honoring the Pachamama.

In memory of Tatiana

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tatiana cordero

Sowed roots

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We thank all the people who shared their love, affection, support, and solidarity to create this space of memory in honor of Tatiana.
We know that the teachings and seeds sown by Tati will germinate and give warmth to all our hearts and that her teachings will accompany us to build paths of resistance and activism where we place care at the center, without forgetting everything that our bodies go through.

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